Patch Notes

If you need game support, please go to the The Matrix Online Support website and search for an answer. If you cannot find a suitable answer, submit a petition describing your issue. You can also reach the support system by typing /ccr or /bug in the chat window inside the game.

For development status, issues and updates, you can go to the Development website.

Launcher 7.6004 July 21, 2021


Client 7.6004 July 21, 2021


Launcher 7.6003 January 17, 2017


Client 7.6002 August 23, 2014


Client 7.6001 July 25, 2014

Changes compared to last SOE revision:

D3D9 Renderer wrapper that fixes graphical glitches on Vista and newer OS

UAC compatible on Vista and newer OS

You will still need to run the launcher as administrator if it's in a privileged folder and needs to patch!

Client 7.5668 July 31, 2009

The game ended.

Keith was blamed.

General information: